Samsung Colour Me Corby

.:Color Me Corby:.
.samsung CORBY carnival.

Samsung Colour Me Corby. Talk about color, everybody have their own color. What is the most important is “What Color is Your Life”.. As a nuffnanger i have a chance to share how colorful is my life. Im just a simple girl that love to see everything in beautiful and colorful. The best color in my life is my parent, my siblings, my special ones, blogger friend, my friend, my super duper gadget and my hand bag… hahaha.. People make me realize that not everybody like me and not everybody i like.. hehe.. but, dont let people take away my colorful life.

.people that always and support me.

Happy and laughing is my tag line. Blogger knows about me more than a friend (isn’t it you guys??). Im not the one who shows what am i doing and tell everybody i have this and those, and start behave with swank. Ohh no.. Its totally not me.. I will story if all the story is happens to me or i have that thing.. yay!! Sharing is Caring… As a teenage girl, i cannot stop what people think about me and for the best solution is.. run away from those people and doing my favorite hobbies.. I love watch movies (nuffnang make my hobbies more awesome.. got premier screening ticket.. thanks nuffnang), love exercise at titiwangsa lake garden.. So awesome with the green and beautiful scenery, love to take picture, arts, i love love to collect latest gadget, and last but not least.. i love make my hand bag full with things.. Hahahaha..

Things must have in my hand bag
.my basic make up, (wish i have Doraemon pouch, not heavy to carry and cute.. hehe..).

.my wallet.. simple.. (everything is under one roof.. hehe.).

.eye care.
 .my mp3 player.
.my handphone (totally in a dying state).
.my pass, ID card and those buttons (im lovin it).
.my hand bag (always carry on my arms.. yay!!).
 My Desk and place that i wrote about “Colour Me Corby”
.my desk.
My Stuff that make my life more colorful
.my cute clock, so noisy when it rings every 5 am in the morning (sleepy..).
.my college bag (awesome!!)
.my favorite books, every day i read and always with me wherever i go.
my bed.. isn’t it so colorful and im totally love it.. Im happy going back home.
.my bag collection.. hahaha.. too many.
.my kurung wardrobe.

All above picture is the main item that make my life complete and colorful.. Not every people can make me or you happy.. Am i right? People change and sometimes they forgot what have they promise or say.. Promise to be together, sometimes it won’t happens.. Promise will go vacation and chill together, but they didn’t keep promise and the worst thing is, when people promise to be “best friend forever and ever”.. Argg!! its totally sucks when people easy to say promise..

Color in my life is me, myself and i.. Im the one make others happy, im the one make my mother proud at me, im the one join this contest (hehehe… awesome statement), im the one who choose what am i want and make it real to archive the target.. Im the one find a good friends.. First of all, to make everybody around you happy is make your self happy first.. Relax and calm your self even though you have a big problem inside your head.. Chill out with your friend and make others happy can make your life is much much more colorful.. Im doing this and yes it is.. Let people do what they like but prepare your self with the big size armour. Okeyh??

If somebody didn’t like you, make they like you.. Even its hard, at last you got the happiest moment on the earth.. Trust me.. That’s is the color of my life.. Sometimes we had a different attitude, style, culture and heart, try to make it not a problem.. Make it as an experiences..

.with Samsung Corby @ Wangsa Maju (hope i got this Cupid Pink Corby phone… yay!!).
.still wrap.. but im already explore Samsung Corby Cupis Pink.. yay!.
Some overview from youtube and google, while google-ing and youtube-ing… i found this..
Samsung Corby Official Ads

Samsung Corby Ads
My Color by 2PM

2PM (Korean Stars)
.All of them are so hot.
This is color of my life and hopefully Corby will make my life more colorful. Everything i do in this world will make my life full with colors.. Thank you Nuffnang and Samsung. For more info about this contest, log on to:-
With Love,

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Ruby is a writer, entrepreneur and youtuber. The content of this blog consisting sponsor and personal experience. As i'm write something might different from other bloggers, alas different type of ideas give different result. Think and stay positive to keep our mind clean and healthy.

14 thoughts on “Samsung Colour Me Corby


    (January 12, 2010 - 12:53 am)

    hye…im new tourist in ur page..nice blog babe..u dapat invitation nuffnang tak? kalu dapat kita jumpa kat sana yea babe..=)

    Jack Ng

    (December 14, 2009 - 8:00 am)

    hello again , i will go for the avatar at 1U … 🙂


    (December 14, 2009 - 4:58 am)

    hye there. have a visit to our kebaya blog shop 🙂

    Jack Ng

    (December 13, 2009 - 10:20 pm)

    hello … nice posting ;)wish u good luck on this contest :)tat nite at GSC , too many ppl , duno who is bloggers n who is not :Pso , even if u were standing beside oso might not know !hahahaha …..perhaps 1 day when got chance we can meet 😛 for contest or nuffnang event hehe ……

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (December 13, 2009 - 9:29 pm)

    Johny Tim : Thanks.. Nanti i letak ur url kat my blog list k.. Rerajin update, nanti saya tak perasan blog awak kat mana.. Panjang list tu.. hahaha..

    Miera : Hi miera.. Huge collection.. That's why saya suka melaram.. hehe…

    Wawan : Thanks tau.. Rajin u nanged.. Nanti i nanged ur post k.. xoxo

    NN : bestkan guna vaseline, mudah je.. calit2 jer.. hehe.. silky girl?? bg saya ok je NN.. Saya amik foundation color "medium" and compact powder color "nude".. Nanti jadi sama ngan warna skin yg asal.. Because Medium gelap skit. Kalau dua2 warna cerah.. Macam tepung gomak plak.. haha.. Actually compact powder tu basah ngan span dah ok je.. Tp nak tahan lama, put a little foundation.. hehe.. panjang plak khutbah ni. hehe.. thank NN kerana melawat blg nih.. 🙂

    Bolloq : I'll lastik u balik!! yay!!

    Jack Ng : Hi Jack Ng.. Ya, im also lost at the event.. too crowded.. Yeah.. will meet you.. cant wait.. hopefully i have more and more and more friend.. Thanks Jack Ng..


    Ain-Alin : Will visit.. thanks for drop by.. xoxo..


    (December 13, 2009 - 3:49 pm)

    tren dpg hr~ngeee


    (December 13, 2009 - 11:25 am)

    eh eh eh. guna vaseline and sukaaa gila guna eyeliner brand secret 🙂 baru tadi beli sebab promo harga 9.90. selalu harga 13.90 :Pn btw, ok tak silkygirl punya foundation tu? tadi test tapi tula… nak beli xtau ok ke tak.


    (December 13, 2009 - 10:03 am)

    gudluck dear =)u gOt nanged =P


    (December 13, 2009 - 9:35 am)

    wahh..u have huge collection!=P

    Johny Tim

    (December 13, 2009 - 3:09 am)

    haha,banyangkan jika xde wrna..fuhh,hitam putih jek..Thank follow me Rabiatul,.i will follow you..heheh Digi theme

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (December 13, 2009 - 2:57 am)

    warna itu indah kan.. hehe..

    Johny Tim

    (December 12, 2009 - 7:40 pm)

    kecantikan pun hilang haha..
    Exchange link Rabiatul dpt juga i comments blog awk ari2..

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (December 12, 2009 - 7:15 pm)

    hitam putih.. tak dapat bayangkan.. mesti muka saya tak ceria dan arghh bosannya.. hehe…

    Johny Tim

    (December 12, 2009 - 6:48 pm)

    tiada warna,tiada keindahan
    Visit Johny Tim Blog

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