My Samsung Corby Di Extreme Park

 .Sunway Extreme Park.

My Samsung Corby Di Extreme Park!! Samsung Corby Carnival on 16 Jan 09 last saturday was awesome! It was my lucky day actually. Thank you Nuffnang! Lets story a little bit about me. On that day, i was late! OMG! Seriously i never done this before, i never late for Nuffnang event. In my heart always pray that they didn’t get mad on me.

I was working until 11pm on Friday night, going back home and arrive about 12.30 am.. After take a shower, i still cannot sleep and i turn my laptop. Surf internet, wrote a blog about My Valentines Day for Nuffnang. Then suddenly i saw my watch was 4am. OMG! I must sleep, if not i will don’t have energy for Corby Carnival for tomorrow. So, i sleep on 4 am and wish that i will wake up on 5 am. One hour only okay lar.. Then… I woke up on 8am!!! Argh!!! Im totally late.. Today im using public transport! From Gombak to Kelana Jaya and take rapid KL bus U623 is about 1 and half an hour.. OMG..! I was thinking not going to Sunway, but Zaid call me and text me “datang la. datang la.. boleh la masuk.. boleh..”.. I ask him to ask Nuffnang, registration until what time, he said until 11.30 am.. Wahh.. i immediately prepare my self and rushing to Sunway..

.Orange Team.

Hrmm.. When i sampai kat Sunway Pyramid dalam jam 11 am, i sesat pula!!! Ayoyo.. Which Entrance Door.. Im getting confuse.. Tanya org, org cakap kat sana la.. sini la.. Then i masuk dalam Sunway Pyramid, i ikut jer sign kat situ.. Thank god i sampai and found Nuffies.. Im so sorry guys.. Hrmm.. Thats why i didn’t get the orange shirt.. They already kemas dan thank god masa i datang dia org masih ada and bagi i masuk!!.. Nak nangis dah tau.. Because masa i buat blog post “Color Me Corby” tu.. i dah buat bebetul.. Hrmm..

Terima kasih Nuffnang, Promise never done like this again!

I just being a photographer for my team, i missed upacara pecahkan belon.. I missed games tarik tali, and game yang tinggal hanyalah Wall climbing and Paintball.. Wa… I dont know how to participate.. Because u all bayangkan la my body ni dah la big size.. So nak panjat Wall tu confirm tak lepas!!!! Yang kurus slim pun tak lepas naik tau.. waaaa….. Naib baik ada si Azree tu.. hahaha..

.The MC’s. He’s so active!.
.pecahkan belon mereka!.
.tarik tali.
.wall climbing.
.Orange Team Member.

Then paintball games, i also not participate.. because “u wanna try or y wanna corby?”… Of cause i want corby.. So let the professional player play!! Hahaha.. Smart strategy hah..

.Paintball Player.
.pity for Sam, he got mark from paint ball and its blue.(our team done it – sorry Sam) OMG!.
.St John Bulan Sabit Merah rescue.

So, i just snap.. snap the picture using Zaid DSLR.. haha.. i dunt have any camera la.. will buy end of this month.. Doakan saya dapat membeli Canon EOS 7D ok.. hehe.. 😀 Anyway thank to Zaid, whether he like it or not im using his camera, i still wanna give a big thanks to him..

:: I wanna tell u a little bit about my life, when my father still alive.. Now he already passed away. When i got a letter of confirmation to study in university, he ask me,.. “what do you want? A laptop or DSLR camera..”.. I told him “Both of that thing  i want!”.. with a smile..  But he said, “choose one only”… Hrmm.. because im study in Information Technology, so im choosing a laptop.. Acer TravelMate 2410.. On that time the prices was RM 4999.. Almost RM 5000.. Now?? Hrmm.. technologies grow up like me.. So, i dont have any camera ever.. i think maybe my father want me learn how to refinance my financial.. Hahaha… Missed my father.. Really missed him.. ;( ::

Berbalik kepada Corby pulak lah yer.. hehe.. After semua game dah selesai, lets go makan- makan…

Sedang makan-makan, mereka mengumumkan 1st runner and Grand Prize winner.. Kami berjaya dan mengumpul mata paling tertinggi.. Kami dari pasukan orange menang! Hahaha…
.wajah keseronokan kami.
.she’s the one who let me in the Extreme Park..She’s also support me, “your team still not enough member and need you”. Thank you sis. Actually i don’t know her name.. Shame on me.!
I ? My Corby
That all for today.. Thank you.. I love you all.. Maaf seribu kali maaf.. (“!)

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20 thoughts on “My Samsung Corby Di Extreme Park


    (January 29, 2010 - 12:41 pm)

    bestnye dapat corby!


    (January 21, 2010 - 2:34 pm)

    Haha I'm la the 'sis' tuh 🙂 My name's Yuen Yee! Nice to meet you Rabiatul, hope to see you at other Nuffnang events again!

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 21, 2010 - 12:53 am)

    Ariffshah : hahaha.. tulah.. tebalkan muka je la time tu.. huhu.. 😀

    Ariff Shah

    (January 21, 2010 - 12:46 am)

    whoa. best ah. xpasal pasal dapat phone free

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 21, 2010 - 12:34 am)

    Sam : haha.. almost 1 week didn't disappeared? Sound so serious.. its on your neck.. better u check with a doctor.. 🙁

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 21, 2010 - 12:32 am)

    WiraTLC : okayh.. will join the contest.. 😀


    (January 20, 2010 - 9:08 pm)

    hahaa congrats again =)
    until now the "paintball lovebite" hasn't dissapeared from my neck LOL


    (January 20, 2010 - 9:11 am)

    sy ada buat contest.. jom join…

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 20, 2010 - 7:50 am)

    azree : dapat lagi sebiji? wow.. meletops..!

    (January 19, 2010 - 11:29 pm)

    semoga post i memeriahkan lagi keseronokan haritu, dpt sebijik lagi phone corby…

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 19, 2010 - 8:30 pm)

    Puteri Katak : Nak corby kena beli ngan voucher.. ada diskaun.. hehe.. Memang hari bertuah saya.. Jadi pasukan sorak dan jurugambar pun dah menyumbangkan tenaga.. haha..


    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 19, 2010 - 8:28 pm)

    Eyriqazz : yelah bang.. memang rezeki ruby.. hehe.. nasib baik abg pun support jugak.. hehe.. ala.. yeke rina tanya.. hrmm.. takpelah.. saya dah mula suka dengan warna kuning nih.. hahaha..


    puteri katak

    (January 19, 2010 - 6:16 pm)

    ohh mau corby juga…~!!!

    puteri katak

    (January 19, 2010 - 6:14 pm)

    ohhh x aci.. nak corby jugak..~!!!

    puteri katak

    (January 19, 2010 - 6:12 pm)

    ohhh x aci.. nak corby jugak..~!!!


    (January 19, 2010 - 4:34 pm)

    rezeki ruby…tuh yg aku ckp kat zaid..takpe dtg least dtg..seb baik ko dtg,kalau tak melepas samsung corby…kalau ko ckp kat rina aritu ble tukar colour phone tu..rina ada tanya,tapi time dia tanya ko dan zaid dan balik

    7 Tips untuk tingkatkan trafik ke blog anda

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 19, 2010 - 4:08 pm)

    ala.. saya pun rasa macam tu.. tapi saya keletihan menjadi photographer untuk team saya.. orait la tu.. hehe..


    (January 19, 2010 - 4:05 pm)

    x aci.dtg lmbt dpt hadiah.. :p

    Rabiatul Adawiyah

    (January 19, 2010 - 3:22 pm)

    Yeah.. so lucky.. shame on me.. ;(

    atreyu strange

    (January 19, 2010 - 3:08 pm)

    Lucky you!

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