Libresse “Be Super, Be A Star”

Holla.. You know something? Contest Libresse “Be Super, Be A Star” Music Video?? They already have their winner!! On October 13, 2010, venue at Laundry, The Curve. I’ve been invited by Acorn Communication Sdn Bhd and SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd to attend Libresse “Be Super, Be A Star” Music Video Contest Finale event.

Thank you to the organizer that invited me and for the best picture, i have invite Tian Chad as my partner, buddies and photographer. Hehe. Nice work he has done and Thank you again Tian Chad!

Arrival of Celebrities

Pamela and Vanessa, the Chong Sister!

Adibah Noor

“Expect to be ‘star-struck’ when celebrities like acclaimed Malaysian entertainer Adibah Noor and the Chong Sisters of Amazing Race Asia fame join young Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna at the “Be Super, Be A Star” Music Video Contest Finale event.

Organised by Libresse®, an international feminine hygiene product brand, the event will be jam-packed with exciting activities including the official unveiling of the “Be Super, Be A Star” Music Video starring 20 talented young Malaysian winners as well as a live performance by Yuna.”

Speech by Mrs Faye Yong, Marketing Manager, SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

“We wanted to reach out to young women and we felt one the best ways was through music as it speaks to the younger generation. We believe young women out there will be able to relate to the lyrics and we trust it will inspire them to realize their true potential with confidence” – Mrs Faye Yong.

Libresse Music Video

Isn’t it an awesome music video!

Grand Prize winner, Azira Nur Bt Anhar, he got RM 5000 cash!! Awesome and great job Azura! I’m really like her hair.. 🙂
Second Prize Winner won RM 3,000. Ilya Nabilah!!! Congratz!

Third Prize Winner, Siti Alia Aisyah Omar. rm 2,000!!! wOOOTTZZ!! Belanja akak makan eh.. 🙂

Extravaganza Blurperssss…

Tian Chad, Stefanie, Rabiatul. 🙂

With the Organizer

Stefanie, Rabiatul, Azira, Nabilah, Alia, Tian Chad

Rabiatul, Pamela, Stefanie, Vanessa (The Chong Sister)

Rabiatul with Adibah Noor

Rabiatul with Yuna

So congrats to all and thank you to everyone that make this event running smoothly. 🙂

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