Super 3 tones blue color by Geolens-Town

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Thank you to Geolens-Town for sponsoring me a bunch of contact lens. I have try they contact lens before this with a variety of color. Yesterday i deside to wear Super 3 tones in blue color. It’s really beautiful and bright!

I received a lot of comment when i wear Super 3 tones in blue color.

You look bright, become a “mat salleh”?, nice and beautiful, it’s suite you and etc. And.. i love this color. 🙂

Here they brochure :

If you want more color, buy it here at

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6 comments on “Super 3 tones blue color by Geolens-Town

  1. najeeb

    pehh..color die striking siut!! ko jgn jd fashion freak cam japanese je da la…hahaha
    byk memory pasal contact lens nih..terigt aku mase 1st time pakai. korg2 gak la yg tolong ajar,
    korg la push aku suruh pakai..tapi last2 aku da tak pakai da..pakai cermin mata je senang..

    1. rabiatul adawiyah Post author

      @najib hahaha! nanti dh kurus memang aku nk jd fashion freak! haha.. ni sponsor, aku lg suka..

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  3. yanmie

    Salam, wah birunye…ehehee dulu pernah jugak pakai warna biru nie tapi tak selesa sbb orang syik pandang je…kuikuikui, biasa guna brown je 🙂

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