Experience new LORÉAL Double Extension Mascara

Treat your lashes not only to a powerful renewal serum but also a spectacular mascara to help it go the mile. A true L’Oréal lash innovation!

Lush, thick and luxurious – who wouldn’t want lashes that steal the spotlight all the time? But is it possible to have lashes that are not only thick but also strong? Often times we experience lashes that are weak, especially when removing makeup if you are someone who wears mascara and eye makeup on a daily basis. Finding a lash on the cheek is not exactly something we all look forward to; beautiful thick and strong lashes are what we all aspire to. The question is how do we make this come true?

The answer? With help from the beauty brand that brought you amazing lash innovations – L’Oréal Paris. Introducing its first double extension mascara in 2003 (Ultra-Lengthening Double Extension Mascara which not only lengthens lashes by 60 percent but fortifies as well), L’Oréal Paris has developed a whole range of mascaras that work hard to give you exactly the results you want: Waterproof Ultra-Lengthening Double Extension Mascara, Carbon Black Ultra-Lengthening Double Extension Mascara (giving you over 70 percent more length thanks to its high-impact colour) and Beauty Tubes Double Extension Mascara (re-energises lash renewal). Now, with the new year rolling in, L’Oréal Paris brings to the mascara market yet another ingenious product – Double Extension Mascara Renewal Serum.

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The first of its kind, Double Extension Mascara Renewal Serum is every woman’s dream mascara. Use this and your lashes receive the ultimate in renewal. What makes this mascara so unique is the brand’s ingenious Renewal Lash Serum incorporated in its double-ended formula. A product that is truly innovative, the Renewal Lash Serum is clearly a favourite for many, with its effective and nourishing lash boost formula.

Double Extension Mascara Renewal Serum consists of two ends – one, a serum-enriched base coat, and the other an intense black top coat. The base coat is enriched with the exclusive L’Oréal Renewal Lash Serum made up of a high-tech re-activating formula. A brand new concentrate to boost eyelash beauty, the serum works two ways for more luxurious lashes:
* Supply the energy necessary for lash development

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Along with the nourishing Pro-Vitamin B5 and Pro-peptide, L’Oréal’s Renewal Lash Serum contains Arginine, a main amino acid in keratin, a key component in the healthy growth of hair and lashes. This effective ingredient carries a positive charge that interacts with the damaged areas of the eyelashes especially at the ends, which carry a negative charge. This combination works to repair damaged lashes so that not only are lashes more visible and thick, they seem longer and luscious as well. That’s not all – Arginine also has an impact on the energy supply and nutrient intake necessary for lash follicles to grow properly. This results in less eyelash loss, especially during makeup removal, for a fuller fringe of lush lashes.
* Limit eyelash loss

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Another important ingredient to this effective formula is Madecassoside, which acts as a stimulant to collagen synthesis. This helps with the lifespan of your lashes, allowing them to stay healthy longer. As lashes are quite fragile due to the fact that it is not as deeply anchored in the dermis like hair, it is extremely common for women to experience regular lash loss. With the Renewal Lash Serum, you can worry less about this as it binds hair with its protective element, resulting in lashes that are stronger and better protected. The result is noticeably reduced lash loss.

Meanwhile, its top coat – a spectacular intense black mascara – works to visibly lengthen lashes. Thanks to its optimum formulation, cream-based waxes for smooth texture and easy application and a botanical wax to curve and protect lashes. This is combined with non-ionic soft emulsifiers, designed specially for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearer, so that eyes feel comfortable and protected all day long.


The results are simply amazing – not only are lashes 80 percent longer in an instant, they are more intense, more luxurious and definitely more stunning. And in only one month, you will notice lashes that are fuller and stronger, even without makeup! Thanks to the phenomenal Renewal Lash Serum.

Using the Double Extension Renewal Serum Mascara is easy. After curling lashes, apply in two quick steps: first, coat lashes with the serum base coat. Then, follow with the intense black top coat ultra-lengthening mascara to see the magnificent difference this wonder mascara can do for your lashes.

For better results, incorporate the Renewal Lash Serum into your daily routine. Use in the morning to protect lashes from external aggressions and at night to boost lash growth and regeneration. See great results in just one month (63 percent longer, 63 percent fuller, 94 percent stronger, 81 percent thicker – as evaluated by 32 women who tested the product in four weeks).

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I’m excited to try new LORÉAL Double Extension Mascara. See whether it suit me or not.

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My Eyelashes is long but not thick and strong.

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First, coat lashes with the serum base coat

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Then, follow with the intense black top coat ultra-lengthening mascara.

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Wiiwit.. I like it!!

Get your miracle mascara now at all L’Oréal Paris cosmetic counters nationwide. The Double Extension Renewal Serum Mascara is priced at RM 49.90.

Ready for some serious lash action? Make sure it is with L’Oréal Double Extension Renewal Serum Mascara to for a guaranteed difference to your lashes.

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