Pulse Perfection Vibrated MASCARA for lazy one? No! It’s really for us as a woman!

Ever ever use vibrated mascara? yes vibrated. like your toothbrush with battery. but this one is mascara. I am sure you can’t wait for this new Mascara. Introduce you, new mascara from Maybelline! Pulse Perfection!

The First Vibrating Mascara

Press the left small button and you can feel the vibrated. ZzzzzzzzZZZ.. Not sleeping sound but the vibrate! ZzzzzZZZzzz..

Tech Alert : An Exceptional Formula Enhanced By Our Unique Vibrating Brush
1. Luscious Thickness
2. Luxurious Length
3. Smooth Separation
4. Intensive Color
5. Shapely Curve
6. Healthy Lustre
7. Perfectly Lustre

Let’s explore new vibrated mascara.

Close my eye, so you can see how long is my lashes. No lah! Just wanted to make you all see the different.

coat lashes with the no 1 Maybelline Pulse Perfection.

Can you see the different? I have used the Mascara about a week. My friend keep telling me this. Read the dialog.

Friend : Did you wear fake eye lashes?.
Me : No, it’s Pulse Perfection.
Friend : What is that?
Me : It’s new Mascara from Maybelline.
Friend : Never heard that before. Hmm..
Me : You will know about it, this May 2011. GTG.. daaa..
Friend : Haa..? One month after?

Available exclusively at all Watson’s, Guardian, Sasa and Caring pharmacies with priced at RM 59.90 from May 2011. Another 1 month to wait. Be patient okay!


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