WD My Book Essential

Good day everybody 🙂

Today my mission is to buy a new external hard drive because my lappy dont have enough space left..wuwuwuw..:_(

I’m so sad…huhuu.. After survey all the shop at Low Yat plaza. My eyes caught one external hard drive at Viewnet computer system..

After checking awhile and talk to some worker at Viewnet.. They persuaded me to buy the WD book essential.hehehe… Now my lappy not slow anymore.. yeah. 🙂

I’m about to buy a portable but my old portable HD corrupted..huhuhuhu.. so frustrating.. Now i’m try to use this one..:)

The price is very reasonable is about Rm 249 with warranty 3 years..

Enjoy the pic wiil ya..:)

Jengjeng.. This is external HD box..

So classy meh.. No. 1 best in the world…

The function same with the other external HD.. 🙂

This is what inside the box.. So neat and tidy.. me like..hehehehe..:)

So guys, thak you for always cheer for me.. Love u all…

See again for the next entry.. Cant wait to try this one..hehehehe.. bubye..:)

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