Happy Feet 2 Movie Review

happy feet 2

Well, hello guys.
The great story is back!!! Yay.. Happy feet 2.. Very good animation.
What impress me about this animation are the characters. Although the character don’t seem to interact with other but it make great connection. The part that I like the most is the krill.. It really funny. One krill want to change his fate. Then the adventure began. Our Mumble is now facing the doom of his kind species due to the ice block their main way to get in/out. Later mumble seek the help of human but the human cannot save the peril of the trap penguins. When the odd fails, Mumble seek help from the beach master of the elephant seals. Although at first didn’t agree to help, but Mumble son give them what right and wrong.

Although this movie kind of sad but at the same time it still give the audience the comedy. This story show great family bonding. Nothing can’t stop our hero Mumble and his son on searching a way to rescue their fellow penguins.

This movie I give rate 8.0/10. Cute movie.. Must watch! 🙂

Cinema : TGV Wangsa Walk
Date : 17 Nov 2011 – i know it’s kinda late to update you guys, but.. i like it. 🙂

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