Movie Review: The Lorax

First of all, do you know the famous Dr. Seuss?

This is Infamous Dr. Seuss..
Well Dr. Seuss is the person that written many books as well as this book.. Ok.

This story is about the Lorax, who speak for the tree against the greed Once-Ler. The story itself is a fable concerning the danger of nature from human greed.


This story is about a young boy name ted live in a big city where all the nature are made of plastic, one day he visit his dear friend Audrey, Audrey shown him a remarkable painting about Truffula tree. Audrey decide that she want a tree for her coming birthday and Ted struggle to find the truth about the disappearance of the from the land. The journey began as soon Ted know about the Once-ler from his dear grandmother. from that point Ted began to find the Once-ler outside of the city wall.

He manage locating the place and Once-ler began his story about how beautiful this land was, it all flash back to the Once-ler from his youger age. His story begin during journey to find the enlightment and stumble upon amazing paradise full of playful fauna. Then, Once-ler began cutt down the truffula tree, to make a “Thneeds” the invention everyone will need. The Lorax appear from the tree stomp, aka the “guardian”. He speak for the tree and remind the Once-ler about the danger if he still continue cut down tree.

But the greedy Once-ler didn’t listen and finally the last tree was cut down and there nothing more for him to sell the ‘Thneeds”. The Lorax then began to disappear from him and the fauna left to find a new habitat. The Once-ler regret about his action.

When Ted is asking about the tree, a hope is finally return to the truffulla land, The once-ler gave Ted the last seed of Truffula tree, hoping for a beautiful future. Is Ted succeed???

Let go watch the Lorax okay..:)

This Movie is suitable for all ages, the plotting great, have comedy element, good morale story.

So, right now guys, let not waste any paper or all kind of stuff coming from the tree.. Safe tree for the next generation..

Cool movie gotta give 9/10.

GO,GO,GO The Lorax..


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