Lets know about the battleship first okay.

Battleship is a large armored warship that consisting heavy caliber guns. Battleship are larger, better armed and better armored than cruiser or destroyers. It is represented as symbol of naval power of the nation.

The story take place almost at the sea and island around the ocean, the alien come to the earth as the trying to communicate other planet called planet G, it presence similar as the earth. The answer is called by five ship alien orbiting to earth and fell down at the sea. There, the group of navy’s held their RIMPAC cup.

After the shock of the impact LT Hopper is investigating the large structure at the ocean. As he touch the symbol, suddenly the structure transmitting signal and force field around the ocean.

The trap sailor trying to safe the earth using the destroyers to eliminate the alien by then got destroy.
The level of intensity began to rise, almost of the ship being sunk by the alien, the last destroyer John Paul Jones trying to survive and retaliate against the invader.
At some point they manage to destroy one ship and John Paul Jones finally sunk.

That didn’t break spirit, they rise using the old battleship versus the alien mothership. Will they succeed. Let watch this movie with friends and family. If your are a fan of action movie. let go watch this movie..

I give rating 6/10. Cool effect, action pack and most of all the firepower shown in this movie.

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