Kenduri Botak Mynjayz dan Birthday Melakaboy bersama Nandos!

Disebabkan photo dibawah ini.

dan challenge ini “Attention, Attention!! We were challenge to a bet during the Cluckers’ luncheon on Saturday: @Jason Ian Ong (Mynjayz) will shave his head bald, if we managed to get 300 likes (for this post) within 24 hours. So guys, please click away! Off with the hair, we say!!”

and.. Nandos Malaysia get 400 likes within 24 hours! Aiya.. lets botak him! hehehe.

Pada masa kejadian membotakkan kepala Mynjayz, saya terlewat setengah jam dan sampai sahaja di Nando’s USJ Taipan saya lihat dia sedang bertopi cowboy! Hahaha!

Untuk bergambar dengan Mynjayz, saya suruh dia tidak memakai topi cowboy dan spek mata! Tersangatlah cute!

He is from! With no hair version. 🙂

Sementara kenduri botak, kami menyambut birthday melakaboy juga. Birthday Boy!!

Happy Birthday Prashan @ melakaboy!

Makan time!

This is my new family with Nandos Malaysia!


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