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Today i’m gonna review latest Bond movie: Skyfall.

This time Bond is in Dubai, chasing criminal through out the city, to retrieve  the document contains all MI6 spies through out the world. The action takes place in many places, then Bond manage catch up and the struggle begin. Born been shot by his partner considering the ‘M’ advice.

End of the epilogue. Start with another chapter. The MI6 thought they lost precious operative 007. But Bond survive the fall and take refuge at village. While the chaos of the management in MI6, the ‘man’ who stole the hard drive blow out the MI6 building and leaked the spies information.

Knowingly the news Bond head to Britain. What can Bond do after that, who is the real mastermind, will Bond prevail on his quest to save ‘M’.

If you are Bond fan, you should watch this movie, although no need some fancy gadget, the story is fascinating.

I’m giving this movie 7/10. I love Adele singing by the way. So come on let go watch Skfall.

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