Jack Reacher

Assalammualaikum uols,

Hari ni nak review movie. Bahasa inggeris punya style! Miahahaha!

Jack Reacher 2012
Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher 

Its been a long time not doing review, well this time its about Jack Reacher. When i first saw the trailer, i’m thinking of M.I. due to the sound the same but its not.

Well Jack Reacher is a role given to Tom Cruise as a homicide investigator who is a drifter and former army sharpshooter.

This time Reacher is investigate a case of series sniper killing at public place. A man named James Barr is requesting for Reacher to solve the case.

Did he complete the mission given and save James Barr or will he prove James Barr is the man behind the sniper killing??? Well if you want the answer go watch the movie..

Overall of the story have comedy not just action, serious situation with comedy, a movie should watch but kid age 13 must be have parent during the movie okay.. I’m giving 7.5/10.. Best movie..



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