The Malaysia Open VEX Championship 2017 to take place at Multimedia University in Melaka on February 17-19 2017
December 15, 2016 – Youth on Unity, Multimedia University (MMU) and Centillion Robotics are pleased to announce the Malaysia Open VEX Championship 2017 (MOVC2017) to be held at Multimedia University – Melaka (MMU – Melaka) on February 17-19, 2017. The event is expected to attract more than 30 teams with students from primary to secondary school competing in the VEX IQ Challenge, and the VEX Robotics Competition; and university students for the VEX U competition, with three full days of robotics matches hosted in MMU Melaka. Over the last year in Malaysia, the VEX IQ Challenge and the VEX Robotics Competition have grown from approximately 20 teams last season to include more than 30 teams this year. For the first time in Malaysia, the VEX U competition will be organized to allow universities and colleges in Malaysia to compete in this fast growing robotics competition.

“MMU is confident that robotics and automation will become a greater part of life in Malaysia, both in commercial and home settings. We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we live and work. Robotics is one of the breakthroughs of this fourth Industrial Revolution, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this change. The very presence of our students in MMU’s robotics and automation programme proves that the public is also increasingly aware of that fact, and we are very happy that our students are not only studying the programme, but have also decided to apply what they have learned by organising the Malaysia Open VEX Championship 2017,” said Prof. Datuk Dr. Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq, CEO of Multimedia University.

The MOVC2017 is one of a series of VEX IQ Challenges and VEX Robotics Competitions taking place internationally throughout the year. The VEX Competitions are among the world’s fastest growing competitive robotics programs for primary schools and secondary schools, and universities around the world, with more than 16,000 teams from over 40 countries that participate in more than 1,500 competitions worldwide. The competition season culminates in April, with the VEX Robotics World Championship, a highly-anticipated event presented by the Northrop Grumman Foundation and the REC Foundation, which unites top qualifying teams from around the world at an international VEX Robotics event to crown World Champions.

The REC Foundation’s programs are among the largest and fastest growing in the world and in order to accommodate the explosive growth, numerous additional events in Malaysia and Asia will be added in the coming years, offering students more opportunities to compete locally and at a regional level.

“The REC Foundation recognizes that successfully preparing our children for the future global economy will require a strong foundation in STEM education,” said Jason Morrella, president of the REC Foundation. “Robotics engineering programs naturally engage and inspire students to pursue STEM subjects and careers and we are committed to providing students access to exciting and challenging competition experience, like the VEX IQ Challenge and the VEX Robotics Competition, to accommodate their growing interest.”

For details on additional upcoming events, please visit, a resource for teams and event partners to register and share updates from their robotics competitions. For more information about the MOVC2017, please visit www. .

About Youth on Unity

Youth On Unity (Y.O.U.) is an emergent non-profit organization dedicated to the social, educational and physical development of young people in Malaysia. Y.O.U. is driven by a team of dynamic and energetic young people from all races that have a passion for working with youths and an enduring commitment to youth development featuring age-appropriate programmes and for Malaysian youth age between 17-40 years old.

Y.O.U. aims to create and provide a platform that will drive activities and programmes of awareness, education and development, motivation, training, interaction and sharing of ideas amongst youth in Malaysia to:

  • Promote unity, togetherness and engagement of personal leadership in upholding unity through examples for nation building.
  • Build a mentally and physically healthy society in line with the transition in this globalized world.
  • Build goodwill and peace among the nation.
  • Create a better community.

For more information on Y.O.U, visit

About Robotics Education & Competition Foundation

The REC Foundation seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on, sustainable and affordable curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the U.S. and internationally. Its goal is to provide these programs with services, solutions, and a community that allows them to flourish in a way that fosters the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for students to succeed in the 21st Century. The REC Foundation develops partnerships with K-12 education, higher education, government, industry, and the non-profit community to achieve this work so that one day these programs will become accessible to all students and all schools in all communities. For more information on REC Foundation, visit

About Multimedia University

Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution set up through Universiti Telekom Sdn Bhd (UTSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of TM, fulfils the noblest of corporate social responsibilities – taking up the challenge of educating the next generation the nation’s leaders and knowledge workers.

As the first private university in Malaysia, MMU developed the pioneer model for the successful establishment of private universities in the nation, paving the way for the growth of the private tertiary education sector. As the university at the heart of the MSC, MMU also serves as a catalyst for the development of the high tech ICT industry of the nation, parallel to the Silicon Valley-Stanford model in the United States. For more information on MMU, visit .

About Centillion Robotics Ltd

Centillion Robotics recognizes that jobs of the future will require mastery of coding and engineering along with a workforce that is flexible and creative. Its vision is to ensure these skill sets are cultivated through innovative educational tools and technologies in schools.

As the master distributor for VEX Robotics in Asia – its mission is to ensure the learning of STEM with Robotics is accessible by all. Centillion Robotics is dedicated to providing its customers a holistic robotics solution – from robotic kits, software, training services to an array of internationally-recognized curriculums.

The team invests frequently in its professional development to keep the team abreast with technology changes, and serve its customers better. Centillion Robotics is the authorized organizer of VEX national competitions around the ASEAN region.

For more information on Centillion Robotics, visit


  1. Sekarang ini sudah banyak pembelajaran untuk bina robot seperti PIC, Arduino dan Raspberry PI. Sesetengah atur cara mengunakan command yang mudah untuk difaham. Tidak zaman saya old skool punyalah panjang program untuk beberapa step dan belum campur debug lagi. 🙂

    Untung anak-anak zaman alaf baru boleh didedahkan pada peringkat awal usia untuk beberapa command mudah. Salah satunya LEGO Mindstorm.

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