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Warggh so tired.. Just now im watching AVATAR at TGV One Utama with other Nuffnanggers.. I wanna shared some story with u all.. Before we (me and with my girl friend ira) get the ticket. Traffic was jam-packed at the highway!! I dont like it!! hehe.. Before Penchala Toll, traffic was smooth and i can… Read More Filem AVATAR

Travel & Leisure

Aplikasi – as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Aplikasi “MAS recently launched, a mobile site where you can book your flights and check all necessary details from your mobile phone! Now Malaysians can book flights with MAS anywhere they want from their phones! Try it yourself! Just access and you’ll be able… Read More Aplikasi

Ruby's On The Scene

Permainan Tukar Hadiah

Permainan Tukar Hadiah?? Tadi masa kat tempat keje aku, bebudak office sibuk balut hadiah and prepare home made card.. Atau pun dikenali sebagai recycle kad.. haha.. Mereka ambil kad yang telah diguna pakai!! Kad raya, kad jemputan kahwin dan beberapa card tahun lepas di-modified untuk Majlis Exchage Gift pada 16 Dec 09.. Esok!! Hahaha.. Macam-macam… Read More Permainan Tukar Hadiah